Easy-to-Operate Process for Your Hi-Flow Duct



Provide either on-site underground situation (for a specific ventilation plan) or duct specs (for direct quotation)


Confirm the Design

Check all the items are correct when our experts send you the composition lists of the entire ducting system.


Confirm the Sample

Check your sampling (FREE SGS testing available) before mass production.


Check&Take Delivery

Check package and quantity as required before on time with no worries

Start Your Project

Sulong’s over 30 years of experience in underground ventilation industry and constantly- updated capability permits you:

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    Free sample

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    Free Ventilation Ducting Design Plan

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    Free SGS testing

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    Specific-diameter duct of customer-required friction factor Report(conformed to SIA norm)

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    Engineered to meet your ventilation needs

Ventilation experts answer your any question within 12 hrs.

    Make Your High-Flow Ventilation Duct With Our Experts' Help!