From Inspiration to Innovation

Recognized as a professional in industrial PVC fabric production, our product and technology development strategy is to realize our innovative concept based on the implementation of your quality requirement.

No-Limit Textile Performance

With an extensive network in R&D resources, Sulong creates the latest fabric and duct products again and again. 32 patents are a sign of our unique industrial position in PVC extrusion process.

Our inside lab has encouraged experts to pursue the evolution of production technology and form the customer-required fabric (whether we've produced it before or not).
External technical supports, such as experienced high polymer material research teams from Sichuan University and Yancheng Institute, have helped us to continuously develop unique features of your ideal fabric and duct products.


Pioneering PVC Coating Theory

Pioneering extrusion theory, distinct from the normal hot-air welded construction concept, can obtain the customer-required PVC fabrics of documented performance without further processing.

The test report (from SGS or other authorized test centers) would only tell the truth that Sulong realizes your new fabric product with the expected function. Moreover, Sulong makes samples with better performance but lower price compared to peers.


Sulong's Capacity



From 200mm to 3000mm



From 1m to 300m



From 380g to 1000g


Hanging Ways

Single/Double Belts With 60°, 90°, 180°

A Coner Of Sulong Laboratory

Sulong Laboratory 01
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Sulong Laborator 03
Sulong Laboratory 02

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