SGS Certified


MA Certified


CE Certified


MSHA Certified

Sulong is committed to producing customer-focused quality fabric products to the many industries it serves.

Thus our inspectors would keep their eyes on every fabric and duct hose during production and perform a series of tests to ensure the finished product meets customer specs.

Testing methods include, but are not limited to, tear, tensile, flame, adhesion, temperature, and weight.

Strict Incoming Raw Material Inspection

Besides the test reports from superior suppliers, Sulong checks the performance of incoming materials by our independently-developed production line as it is sensitive to process, to see if they can make a complete PVC film or not.

If the film cannot be formed completely, Sulong would stop using the material and stop its cooperation with the suppliers.

Incoming Raw Material Inspection

On-Going Production Quality Inspection

The chemical and physical structures of textile fabric determine how it will perform, and ultimately whether it is acceptable for a particular use.

To minimize the defect rate, Sulong specialists would sample the in-process fabric products every hour to assess the performance of textile materials up to the standard of being vent hose and weigh product quality for regulatory compliance.


Finished Product Quality Inspection


Based on DIN53354 Standard or ASTM Standard (or other types of national standard), sampling fabric would undergo a grab test to meet customer requirement by in-house tensile strength tester.

Inspectors set up related data and supervise the whole process step by step to get the result precisely.

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