Underground Ventilation Duct

Underground Ventilation Duct

Sulong manufactures a wide array of flame-retardant flexible ducts fit for the underground ventilation system. No matter what role you play in a specific underground operation project, we are prepared to cooperate with you with our competitively priced ducts of optimal technical performance.

With 30+ years in producing ventilation ducts and pipes, we as a professional tunnel ventilation duct manufacturer have served over 1000 domestic and overseas clients, including project contractors, mining and tunneling ventilation fan manufacturers, vent hose wholesalers and distributors.

Ideal for Underground Ventilation



Exclusive hot-welded construction (best practice technique in the industry) builds the low-leakage ducting system as the nylon fabric adheres to the PVC film seamlessly, which delivers more air to where it is needed.


Energy Efficient

In-house R&D experts produce durable ducts as the PVC film is made evenly by the perfect reaction of top-quality PVC resin and other chemical components.



The flexible design in the ventilation system enhanced by exceptional performance makes the duct easy to install, extend and repair during the underground operation.

Reach Minimal Friction Factor

When your ducting system is built by Sulong


Hot-air welded construction between each section of duct seals the whole ducting system flawlessly.

  • 5 types of fabric available depend on your budget and on-site operation conditions, namely (strengths &weight)
  • • 1000*1000 500gsm
  • • 1000*1000 550gsm
  • • 1300*2000 550gsm
  • • 2000*2000 600gsm
  • • 2000*2000 700gsm

Superior fabric grades and subtle jointing methods make ventilation ducts with friction factor far below customer requirements, let alone the industrial standard.

Benefit All Types of Clients

Project Contractors/ International Purchasers/ TBM Equipment Providers/Duct Wholesales & Distributors/ Ventilation Equipment Manufacturers

Superior Quality

  • • Self-developed PVC extrusion processing line
  • • Environment-friendly raw materials(with no adhesive included)
  • • All ducts are NPFA 701( MSHA) approved.
  • • Duct length can be up to 300m for extra-long tunneling system.

Lower Price

  • • Self-made fabrics( with the price of 10% lower than peers)
  • • Reliable hardware suppliers supply all coupling and connection accessories at the wholesale price.
  • • Patent extrusion technology ( 1/3 operation efficiency higher than the traditional hot-air welded technology) offsets the investment in the processing line, which saves you costs.

One-Stop Ventilation Ducting Service


Reliable Design Support

Sulong cooperated with reliable partner Korfman extractor fan(Top 3 in its industry) to achieve your entire ventilation system design in one turnkey solution and save your operation costs and time.


Made-In-House Ducts Supply

A wide array of flame retardant ducts with custom choices standing by adapt to your actual operation ventilation, FREE SGS testing for your ventilation textile is available once you require it.


Worry-Free Aftersales Service

All ducts are guaranteed for 24 months. Free new products supplied if the original goods are damaged during delivery. On-site technical support is available if the ducting system gets ruined during operation.

Minimize Your Costs With All Factors Cleared

Solve all ventilation factors to build best-match ducting system by industrial experience


Distance between duct and tunnel cell

Tight hanging method (means proper space) for ducting saves the fabric quantity and helps underground workers work better.


Gap between duct and fan

The appropriate distance helps fan deliver air sufficiently with proper power consumption.


Air flow

Proper design concludes the maximized straightness between the air and duct, which affects energy consumption in air delivery.


Air leakage

Data-based design minimizes the risks in leakage as the friction factor would tell you a specific type of duct is suitable for your project or not.

Worry-Free Ventilation Duct Design

ventilation duct design

Sulong with a full product line in underground ventilation is ambitious to offer engineered solution backed by rich experience and Korfmann ventilation calculator (a tool based on SIA class and current European standards determines the recommended ventilation duct diameter and working air pressure.)

All you need to do is just offer some details about the on-site mining or tunneling operation work plan.

  • • The tunnel cross-section
  • • The tunnel length (duct-length)
  • • The tunnel height
  • • The on-site temperature

Our Case

Guangzhou Metro Project
PVC Ventilation Duct for TMCLK HongKong
Long tunnle project in Xingjiang
s06 3 img
PVC Waterproof membrane and Vent duct tunnle project
Coal Mine Project of ventilaiton duct
s06 1 img
Chengdu Metro Project of flat duct 01

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