PVC Ventilation Fabric

Sulong has created PVC extruded fabric by its patent production technology to deliver custom line curtain solutions for mine and tunnel ventilation.

With a group of specialists with over 30 years of experience in underground ventilation, Sulong is capable of selecting, manufacturing and testing the best product for your project needs with specific performance specification, such as fabric weight, tear and tensile strength.

Various requirements in fabric grades, limited by either costs or second manufacturing requirements, decide fabric grades. To serve all levels of fabric buyers, Sulong has developed numerous fabric types and produced fabric products with diverse manufacturing variables, including scrim or substrate, adhesive, and film combinations.

PVC Coated Fabrics

PVC Coated Fabric

Standard and custom-made technical textile structures ensure your duct product fully performs at expected rating strengths under specific underground conditions.

PVC Slitting Fabrics

PVC Slitting Fabric

Particularly used in textile welding machines (Miller welding machine for instance), which weld semi-rigid and flexible reinforced duct. The min width can be 5cm and max length 500m per roll.

PVC Tarpaulin

PVC Coated Tarpaulin

We manufacturer custom-made and standard size protective covers and truck tarps that match your needs. Regardless of the industry you are in, we have dozens of grades material that will meet your budget.


100% Quality Guaranteed

To produce high-quality polyvinyl chloride, Sulong utilized a specific and precise mixture of stable chemical compositions supplied by reputed material suppliers like UPC Group, Formosa Plastics Group, and Xijian Tianye Group.

Sulong has always taken product quality as the priority so we spend 30% more on materials than other PVC fabric suppliers.


UPC Group


Formosa Plastics Group


Xijian Tianye Group


Save Your Costs As Much As 20%

Sulong, enabled by its patent production technology, extrudes high quality but favorably priced fabrics, which perfectly meet customer requirements and exceed them when compared to PVC coated fabric manufacturers.

Our coating line exceeds others as those fabric or duct manufacturers extrude fabric by virtue of large equipment. Consequently, while making fabric with the technical structure at a certain grade, Sulong does it with 10%-20% lower costs than integrated manufacturers of fabrics and ducts.


No Adhesive Agent Included

With the exclusive formula, Sulong gives the material added strength and durability efficiently as its PVC coating process with zero adhesives included, more environmentally friendly than the traditional hot-air welding process.

Meanwhile, for some countries such as America, pollution-free fabric products allow clients to reduce due tariffs to some extent.

Customize YOUR PVC Fabric

Quality of duct fabric decides the performance of flexible ventilation ducting, because appropriate fabric grade is the key to withstanding high air pressure effectively and transporting fresh air efficiently. Therefore, for every engineering project, the kind of chemical performance and dimension fabric is of significance.


Physical Properties









Unparalleled Services


Free On-demand Sample Delivered

While peers see challenges, we see opportunities. Sulong is pleased to make a fabric sample based on your documented performance requirement regardless of time and budget because it's the credibility of our profession.


On Spot Technical Assistance

Customers curious about our production technology would be taught on the spot about how to extrude required fabric perfectly, once you order the PVC fabric in a certain quantity.

The exclusive technology involved in the hot-welded creation of substance and basic fabric would support you to extrude expected fabric with minimum costs, as it saves your expenses in purchasing advanced machines.


Free SGS Testing

The finished sample fit to your spec would undergo the performance test by professional 3rd inspection party SGS once you require it.

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