In construction ventilation projects, Sulong utilizes quality PVC material to get high flow flexible ducting used indoors and outdoors.

With decades of expertise in ventilation and fabric construction, Sulong has been and will be a professional provider in industrial ventilation ducting solutions, with the supply of safe, efficient and durable ducts based on customer needs.

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Urban Undergroud Space

Building & Construction Ventilation Ducting System

Lay flat duct

Lay Flat Ventilation Duct

Round lay flat ventilation duct as the portable flexible duct with custom choices(diameter, length and fabric material) meets your quality requirement and project budgets.

flexible duct and vent fan

Industrial Flexible Duct

Flexible duct with PVC laminated fabric and steel wire of specific thickness(φ2mm-φ4mm) are available in diameters ranging from 150mm to 800mm.

Semi rigid ventilation duct

Semi Rigid Ventilation Duct

Round and square spiral ventilation duct strengthened by hard-drawn steel or spring steel that can be bent withstand high pressure and handles the rigor of mine and tunnel projects.

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Flexible Ventilation Duct
tunnel project flexible duct
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Haolebaoji Jian Raiway Projects

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