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The Melbourne Metro Rail Project involves the construction of a 9km-long tunnel within Melbourne, Australia, connecting the Sunbury and Dandenong railway route.

The metro rail tunnel will connect to the Dandenong and Sunbury lines at the south-eastern side of South Yarra Station and the western part of South Kensington Station respectively.

Melbourne Metro is a vital project for the Government of Victoria. The project is included under the Major Transport Projects Facilitation Act 2009. It will undergo a comprehensive technical and environmental assessment, as well as stakeholder engagement.

The Melbourne underground metro is the biggest project of Melbourne railways, after the City Loop. The project is estimated to cost $11bn. Construction is scheduled to begin in late-2018 and operations are expected to start in 2025.

We have have supplied the lay flat ventilation ducts and semi rigid duct of 1500mm diameter since 2019.